Hello fellow DIY'er!

I would like to thank you for doing what you do, you are the engine of my work and I hope we can all help each other out in this our common interest, sharing knowledge and design proposals, freely without restrictions.

Also take a look at Hornesp software creator David J McBean's work and your possibility to help him out in his work which is the foundation for a lot of us, me included, thank you David!
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Thanks also to Petter Feltenstedt of Kalmar Mediaspecialst for making this donation possible, he has been a great inspiration of mine and a big reason for me doing what I do, although I doubt he knows it.
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The link below (external site) provided by mediaspecialist enables you to support me in spreading the community knowledge and share the designs based upon it, keeping this blog up and active in the process, maybe even evolve it into better format.

Click this text (external link) if you want to support my work with a donation