Guildford - London 
Monday, November 23, 2009, 20:28
Posted by Anders
Last weekend we payed a visit to Maria's sister Ulirika and her family in Guildford, Robert, Lilly and Liv.

Guildford is a village of some 120.000 inhabitants, I use the word village due to the nice small town feel of the town's center.

It was very nice to take part of the lighting up of the christmas decorations, complete with fireworks and speach by the mayor.

We also checked out the small village of Shere (true village this time) just outside Guildford, very nice indeed I can recommend a visit, if so be sure to check out the White horse Pub from 1425, it's like walking in to a harry potter movie.

London was also on the tour, where we took a nice walk from oxford street via soho to picadilly circus, not far but very nice.

When passing D'arlby street we took a look at the BM soho record store where i picked up some of the following records:

Counting from the top left we have :

Sub focus, Nookie, Blu Mar Ten, Seba & Paradox, chronicles of the deep (compilation), Dat:music.

These where brought at BM Soho.

The rest are more mainstream and was found at HMV on oxford street, taking over from above we have :

Future sound of London, Boards of Canada (x2), and pendulum (x2).

A nice trip it was, and the BM soho shop was an musical oasis, manned by specialists in my type of music, helpful and fun to deal with, especially Rachel (the blond one :).

I'm still listening to the music, but sofar the nr6 track of the chronicles album CD1 Kantyze - Good riddance is my favourite, along with the entire Blu Mar Ten album - Natural history.

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high end mid/high end 
Friday, August 14, 2009, 21:31
Posted by Anders
Since the low end was updated it seemed only fair to take care of the rest of the speakers as well, i.e the mid and high frequencies.

And why not go all out hornloaded in the process you ask, well i concur, why not.

So let's borrow the mid horn device from the turbosound TMS range and pair it up with the 2386 40X20 deg 2" dispersion high range horn from JBL, and what do you get ?

The drivers are B&C (as allways), in this case it's the familiar 10MD26 / DE75P combination found in my (previous?) top system.

The result was another one of those "laughing-out-loud-I-can't-believe-it" moments, and that was only the quick & dirty test result, now all i need is another channel...

Looking at the how the two horn sections of each top speaker stack up it is easy to see why i went for the larger JBL horn, the dispersion angles are nearly identical, at least to the eye.

They sure knew what they where doing those guys at turbosound, the sound quality at the '95 Pink Floyd Pulse concert stands testament to that, now i have the same stuff at home, although be it in a much, much smaller scale.

Now it's time to take measurements, analyze, and program the DBX driverack unit accordingly, my guess is that this will turn out very well indeed.

Quick messurements shows that the sensitivity should be in the 108dB/W/m range, the response should be within 4dB from 200Hz to 16kHz, and the sound is simply amazing.

Not bad at all...
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high end low end - the field trails 
Sunday, July 26, 2009, 12:31
Posted by Anders
After some two weeks of so and so weather we finaly got some time in the sun, an entire afternoon no less, so what could be a better use of this opportunity then to stage an outdoor listening session.

This is the first time i use the new subs as they where meant to be used, in a free "field" environment, and it was mediately apparent that this is the way they preform the best.

I used them between 25-200Hz, wich sounded very nice indeed, and when listening to them they did not seem to have any of the peaks and dips that the simulations showed (below).

The RTA messurements for the two subs at approx 4m distanace showed a response between 40 and 300Hz with no explicit variations but 40-150Hz is the recomended as usable range.

Dreadzone, Yello, Leftfield, Covenant and Pink Floyd amongst others made up the proving ground, and the new system passed with flying colors.

These new subs has brought the entire system to a new level, rich, effortless, powerful and hi-fi like sound stage on a grand scale, and even at lower levels like in this case they are still massive enough for one to feel it in the ground and chest area.
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high end low end - diy notes 
Tuesday, July 21, 2009, 11:04
Posted by Anders
If you would like to build the subs shown below in the "hig end low end" entry then these simulations and drawings will be of help.

Using the hornresp analysis and simulation software provided for free by David J McBean i finaly arrived at a good enough result, shown below.

Some of it's in swedish, but the graphs and dimensions (mm) are of course international.

this is the link to download hornresp:

These sumilations are based on some very basic 2D AutoCad drawings, shown here :

Just print them out and get to it, or simply hand them over to your local expert along with the money, either way i think you will be happily supprised at the result once loaded with the correct drivers, i certainly was :)

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high end low end 
Friday, July 10, 2009, 16:12
Posted by Anders
So it was time to finalize the project started on one year ago, my new subs.

These fairly unremarkable little boxes are the result of the top 3 audiophile brainiacs in the tapped horn category in sweden today, and my self.

They each house one B&C 15TBX100-8 2kW 15" woofer loaded on a tapped horn device, they should be capable of producing some 130dB och output over the 40-250Hz range.

Considering their size 500x680x550 mm (BxHxD) this output and range capacity is certainly impressive.

They do indeed sound bigger then they are, by a mile or so.

Another nice feature of the tapped horn design is that the cone excursion is very modest in comparison to the output power, the sensitivity for one of these boxes if put on an open field with no support from nearby walls would still amount to some 100dB/W/m.

The above image shows a quick test we did to check how the soundpressure desipates over distance, at some 8m away you could easily feel the impact in the chest, at approx 20W of input power, that's pretty sensitive, and considering that each box can take up to approx 2kW each the output capacity of these subs are quite impressive.

Many thanks to Johannes and petter for helping me along.
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