Webley and Theoben 
Wednesday, July 2, 2008, 11:51
Posted by Anders
The Webley tracker air rifle was designed for hunting, the performance is often refered to as purpouse perfect, using 5,5mm (.22) pellets instead of the more common 4,5mm (.177) gives it a bit more impact energy.

The original design contains a metal spring to compress the air but there are a lot of performance enhancing parts on the market for those who wants to improve things a bit.

The side lever design of the Tracker is thought to bring some advantages in accuracy compared to conventional break barrel designs, either way the accuracy is very good, one time Maria managed to hit two diameter 50mm targets, one after another, from approx 70m (supported shooting).

I got hold of a Theoben AWT .177 gas spring for the Webley Tracker to replace the metal spring, it did not come cheap but the benefits are many, higher muzzle velocity, less moving mass and more consistent performance, the rifle also gets a bit lighter.

Some say that the .177 gas spring is not a good match for a .22 rifle as the muzzle velocity increase beyond original intentions it may reduce the accuracy, but as we found out that was not the case, at least not for me.

Here are some pictures taken during the gas spring conversion :

(the spring was removed before the picture was taken)

(trigger and trigger spring is removed)

(guide and spring to be replaced with the gas spring)

(all parts removed, the gas spring can be seen at the top of the image)

(the gas spring is slided into the plunger and the end cap goes back on)

There we go, the operation was a success, many thanks to Carl Johan Öving for all the help and the tools he brought along.

next it's off to the range to readjust the optics.

(at the säve shooting range)

(the .22 pellets, notice the difference between original ealy wasp and the replica now made, tragic)

(the range, we are shooting from approx 30m, inside the red squares are the targets, two wooden boards each with two 20mm markers on them)

(the first shot was approx 30cm to the left of the target, after adjusting the scope the second shot looked like this, unsupported shooting from approx 30m, lucky or what!)

(Maria hitting the targets, note the targets within the red squares, there is no match hitting the boards, the green markers are more difficult but realistic)

I'm very happy with the modification, the accuracy has increased, so has the muzzle velocity, the "thump!" heard when the pellets hit the sand behind the targets also tells me that the impact energy has increased quite a lot.

I suspect that hitting targets with an accuracy within 10cm at 100m will be possible in good conditions and with support but that remains to be seen.
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Quick visit to Sweden 
Saturday, June 28, 2008, 12:17
Posted by Administrator

This week I was over in Sweden for meetings and a conference and this luckily coinsided in time with the unvieling of one of the two new Ericsson boats participating in the Volvo Ocean Race.

The boat was impressive in size and form and even more so considering this thing will reach speeds upto 40 knots.

Finally not a boat, however still with a captain on board the new A380 which was an impressive sight when it took off just before our small A340 did in Narita airport when I left.
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Midsummer fun 
Monday, June 23, 2008, 15:30
Posted by Anders
The weather report said that the greatest chance to get some sunshine was to head east, so we did, to Kalmar and our childhood island stora hatten, or simply "klubbholmen".

Dinner at 13:00 together with all the others, very nice, we only got one shower during the event, it keeps inline with the traditions as i see it

As usually is the case with the ling part of the family they could not show up empty handed, pictured here is an amazingly cheap RC boat, it costs about 300sek and was purchased just for this event.

Krille managed to land it upside down with ease, an amazing feat using only a couple stones just beneath the surface, as you can see he does not seem to mind at all, that's the spirit :)

No harm done just empty it out a pint of water or two and go again, at the end of the day this boat suffered damage beyond repair, all in the spirit of good fun :)

After short break it was time for the quite "graceful race" using only the wind, and so the competition lined up...

My contribution to the fleet, just like the others this is a thunder tiger model named Victoria, this is now an international racing class.

Krille is chasing me on a nice downward leg, he never caught me even though he easily could have, thanks :)

The entire fleet sailing into the distance, Henke just joined in as the picture was taken.

There was no winner since it was no race, we are all far to fun loving to ad hear to rules and regulations.

All in all a great day, plenty of sunshine and light winds one of my best midsummer celebrations ever, no competition!

Many thanks to Maria for taking some great pictures.
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Strange skies 
Monday, June 23, 2008, 15:12
Posted by Anders
This picture is taken with a 4 mega pixels canon IXY compact digital camera, no modifications or image enhancements has been made.

The strange but nice color of the sky (dark purple) combined with the flash that lights up the leafs just enough, it all makes for a nice effect.

I took some more of these from varying distances, this one is just a couple of meters away and had the best balance between flash and background light.
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Sun and sound 
Monday, June 9, 2008, 12:27
Posted by Anders
Today it has been over a month since we last had rain, the water temperature is 23degC and i'm seriously sunburnt.

Leave it to us to plant a hedge in the worst drought ever experienced (by us) here in gothenburg, we are quite the professionals when it comes to watering plats by now.

When a situation like this presents itself one must be prepared to go from thought to action, and what could be nicer then an outdoor audio session in the sun ?

Being a nice guy i want to share my affection for music with those around me...

I'm not sure about how much joy this all brought to my neigbours, and perhaps even their neighbours maybe even their ne... well you get the point.

At least i did not hear (of) any complaints :)

Note the nice brownish color of what used to be the grass, at this point i would not be suprised to see some camels strolling along on the "lawn".

Temperatures reaching up to 28degC perhaps even higher at times makes for a nice day for this sort of activity.

As the night fell it was time go indoors, not so much because of the cold (there were none) but out of consideration of my dear (and indeed very patient) neighbours.

The setup now resides as an almost invisable lifestyle system in the livingroom, i will for sure score high remarks in the WAF* category with this one.

This location will make it very nice and easy to keep spreading the joy of music outside.

* Wife Acceptance Factor
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