here comes the nerds ! 
Friday, April 25, 2008, 20:50
Posted by Anders
So i went to meet my fellow audio enthusiasts at the yearly DIY exibition here in gothenburg and i just could not get things to work this time.

Alot of the guys offered to help me out in my attempts to sort out the poor acoustics, but dispite som 20+ we could not alter the laws of physics to a satisfying extent.

My amps and processor during setup.

So this was not my finest hour, still i had a field day getting to know the others and their achivements, and they really went to town in this respect this year, alot of professional grade equipment made at home was hauled on to the site for all to enjoy.

The collective knowledge at this event must be enormous, most of what you will see is made at home on a tight budget, wey impressive indeed.

For a more detailed look at the event see the link below :

(there several pages, see the lower left corner)

link to the event page
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finishing touches 
Thursday, April 17, 2008, 16:10
Posted by Anders
Maria is preforming the finishing touches on the speakers prior to the DIY-Audio nerd gathering event here in gothenburg this Saturday.

Being economical about all this i took the chance to use some of the left over color from our kitchen touch up job.

Here's a link to my addition on the online forum were we nerds communicate our ideas and different projects, it mostly in Swedish.

hififorum bildreportage

There will be a link to the report from the event posted here within short, now it's time to prepare and make sure that all the gadgets are ready to go.
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audio therapy 
Sunday, April 13, 2008, 11:37
Posted by Anders
Since i sold of my old DIY PA system i have been in limbo, so it was time to start over with the new ones, the new speakers were funded by the money i got for the other ones to a great extent.

These are the 10" mid transducers from the italian brand B&C with a sensitivity of 100dB/W/m, meaning that they generate 100dB at 1W, valid for the range 100-4kHz, the power handling is rated at 700W continous.
more info : ... prodotto=5

These are the horns that handle the higher frequencies, coupled to a 2" high frequency driver the sensitivity is 108/dB/W/m from 1kHz and upwards with a 60 by 40 deg. pattern.
more info horn : ... rodotto=91
more info driver : ... re/137.pdf

Now for the boxes, nothing to complicated and mainly for prototype purpose, made out of fiberboard they were cheap and quick to build, here are some pictures i took during the build of the top speakers :

And finaly here is the result :

Thats it for the top speakers, since these speakers require some low end backup i started sketching on the subs and some week's later the sub drivers arrived.

These 15" drivers can take 2kW continous power without changing their specifications and has a sensitivity of 96dB/W/m, to put these figures into perspective a normal hifi speaker average about 90dB/W/m sensitivity and around 100W power handling.
more info : ... rodotto=37

The magnet system and voice coil is air cooled by multiple vents to suppress power compression when the temperatures goes up, higher temperatures increases the resistance in the voice coil and lowers the efficiency.

The sub boxes are simple and straight forward, it took me two days to complete them, they are not the final design by any means but with some signal manipulation i can achieve a satisfying result for most situations.

Here are some pictures from the build (not that many, i was busy building) :

So put it all together and you end up with a small set looking like this :

I'm still working with the processor settings for this setup but the results so far is rather impressive for a system of this size, using specialized drivers for each range and covering the the entire voice range in one driver sure gives some advantages not found in my previous system.

The components used in this system can be found in many professional systems from NEXO, EAW and TCS to mention some, the speakers are processed by a DBX driverack 260 with messuring capabilities and powered by 3 QSC PLX 2402 amplifiers, each driver has it's own amplifier channel, no passive filters are used.
more info processor :
more info amps :

The system in it's whole will make it's debut at the yearly DIY audio meeting here in gothenburgh on 19:e of april.
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Boards of Canada - the campfire headphase 
Saturday, March 29, 2008, 22:11
Posted by Anders
I just wanted to let you know of a recent "best buy" in music on my part (rare thing nowdays mind you).

Today I wisited a wellstocked musicstore here in Gothenburg, and i just so happened to come across a familiar, well, band (in lack of better terms) - Boards of Canada.

The album "the campfire headphase" is a... rather odd compiation of twisted disonant sound, words fail me in my futile atempts to describe this style of music, perhaps "ambient" would perhaps be the closest for those of you who are familiar with term.

Anyway, regardless of terminology, this music instantly brings back all the good times, memories, you name it, itīs such a hard thing to acuratly describe, and it is very much a state of mind requirement (not to mention higly subjective) if one is to absorb it fully, as with most if not all types of music.

My higest praise and recomendations is hereby served for this very uniqe type of music, i can not say that it resembles anything else i have ever heard, and that is rather rare this day in "eurovision song contest - mass produced cash is king way of making music" - age.
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Up north 
Sunday, March 9, 2008, 19:34
Posted by Anders
Another typical monday morning, but with a twist, the phone rings and it's our testing crew that needs us at Volvo JPG (Jokkmokk Proving Grounds) to verify some stuff on the new car (XC60), so we decided to go up there and it was not the Grey-Dark windy cold north i tought it would be at all...

The sun was shining and the temperature got up to -10degC at times.

We also caught sight of the local wildlife, on the road...

And took a shot of the sign indicating that we were passing the arctic circle.

It was a very nice trip, not planned but nice, we made the decision to go up to Jokkmokk 4 hours before take off from Landvetter but it sure was worth it.

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