Boards of Canada - the campfire headphase 
Saturday, March 29, 2008, 22:11
Posted by Anders
I just wanted to let you know of a recent "best buy" in music on my part (rare thing nowdays mind you).

Today I wisited a wellstocked musicstore here in Gothenburg, and i just so happened to come across a familiar, well, band (in lack of better terms) - Boards of Canada.

The album "the campfire headphase" is a... rather odd compiation of twisted disonant sound, words fail me in my futile atempts to describe this style of music, perhaps "ambient" would perhaps be the closest for those of you who are familiar with term.

Anyway, regardless of terminology, this music instantly brings back all the good times, memories, you name it, it´s such a hard thing to acuratly describe, and it is very much a state of mind requirement (not to mention higly subjective) if one is to absorb it fully, as with most if not all types of music.

My higest praise and recomendations is hereby served for this very uniqe type of music, i can not say that it resembles anything else i have ever heard, and that is rather rare this day in "eurovision song contest - mass produced cash is king way of making music" - age.
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Up north 
Sunday, March 9, 2008, 19:34
Posted by Anders
Another typical monday morning, but with a twist, the phone rings and it's our testing crew that needs us at Volvo JPG (Jokkmokk Proving Grounds) to verify some stuff on the new car (XC60), so we decided to go up there and it was not the Grey-Dark windy cold north i tought it would be at all...

The sun was shining and the temperature got up to -10degC at times.

We also caught sight of the local wildlife, on the road...

And took a shot of the sign indicating that we were passing the arctic circle.

It was a very nice trip, not planned but nice, we made the decision to go up to Jokkmokk 4 hours before take off from Landvetter but it sure was worth it.

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Monday, March 3, 2008, 16:08
Posted by Administrator
Här kommer lite bilder från Beijing, Kina. Det var kallt och blåsligt, men bra väder och bra luft (Beijing har vanligtvis mycket dålig luftkvalitet).

Först en typisk "The Great Wall" bild.

Sedan en bild fraan Tiananmen Square där förberedelserna för årets "Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference startade idag.
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flying all over the place 
Saturday, February 23, 2008, 13:17
Posted by Anders
I've been away on a small business trip to gent and oldenzaal and returned home yesterday, but not in the way i would have liked to...

This trip has been flawed with minor inconviniences, suprises and also some adventure like flying, all whielst trying to combat a cold that did'nt want to let go.

Starting out from Gothenburg - landvetter airport on tuseday we got a delay due to icy wings and poor landingconditions in brussels - zawentem airport thick groundsweeping fog.

Anyway i got there and it was a realy nice approach with almost no sight of the ground until we were on it, my guess is instrument landing, wery nice and smooth.

As i went to pick up my rental car, hopeing it still would be waiting for me, it was but only just the counter woman toöld me, the GPS was a mess to get working properly, i finaly made it come to life when i arrived at the hotel holyday in gent expo, thanks alot.

I got a bit to eat and the drove of tó visit the Volvo plant, a few "hellos" and "how are you's" acompanied by some meetings and i was on my way back again.

The following day was a full day in Gent plant production and then some more meetings, not too exiting but it sure was nice to see the place and some friends from back home and belgium.

The next morning at 03:00 a woke up got out of bed and prepared to go to a supplier review meeting in Odenzaal-holland some 4 hours drive from gent, it sure was a nice drive, especially past antwerpen were i managed to time the rush hours perfectly...

Later that same night i got back into the car to drive another 4 hours back, repeting my inpecable timing of the rush hours again, i'm really impressed with myself, needless to say i was a tad nackered as i got backsome 18 hours later...

Despite being a bit off i took a tour of gent before going back to the hotel, it really is a nice city, old buildings, nice church, and they had "spårvagnar" as well.

Come friday and it's time go back home again, no supprises along the way until we hit the swedish costline, then i got a bit exciting.

I noticed that the costline was pretty much white, hmmm, it's probably rather windy, and as it turned out i was spot on.

On the aproach breaking the clodcover the plane started to jump about a bit, as usual, but then it only got worse, so much infact that we abandoned the aproach approx 50m above the runway and broke the plane in the process...

With the engines reving up and down, going side to side and upp and down quite rapidly acomapnied by screams and nervous laughter the decent was aborted, this was for me the worst expirience in an aircraft but mind you i do not have all that much expirience to start with.

Anyway full throttle and back up we go again, more shakeing and swaying about place no information was addmitted by the captain until we were approx 15 min from Oslo.

After making a much smoother landing in Oslo we were informed that the approach was not within safe limits and that the something had happened with the flaps in the process so we were going to make a stop for repairs and refuelig before making a second atempt... in the same conditions... at this time some peaople started swearing quite loudly and tried to get out of the aircraft.

I dont blame them, it was not a nice expirience, and then stoping for repairs and go back in, thisproved a bit to much for some of us aparently.

Sometime later we made a second atempt with the repaired aircraft in the same conditions that broke it the first time, yes it was wery reasuring let me tell you...

Anyway same rollercoster ride again, this time the approach was wery fast, it seemed alot faster then usual and the landing was quite rough, or rather a real tough one i should say, again with not alot of expirience in these matters, i guess it was perfectly safe.

So i have now expanded my "list of visited places" with Norway, not having set my feet on the ground, does that still count ?

Business as usual for you guys probably, but quite an adventure for me, not realising it i probably took a bigger chance driving to Oldezaal and back.
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Ski trip 
Thursday, February 7, 2008, 15:19
Posted by Administrator
Well so it was time for the yearly ski trip. This time I went with some office friends to Myokyo-Kogen. 2 days of nice skiing and good food.

A view from the slope.

Me and Alvin.
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