Showdown in Stenungsund (THAM 15 & MKII proposal) 
Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 07:35
Posted by Anders
WORK IN PROGRESS ! (updated 20110125)

The subject of the day :

courtesy of SlaitH (Patrik) - build and photo

Prepping :

Racking :

Patriks top speakers :

Patriks THAM15MKII :

The electronics :

The hallway warehouse :

Analyzing THAM15 :

Analyzing THAM15MKII

Viewing the results :

Crowded sweetspot :

The guest rig :

The place :

The THAM family :

The graphs (The MKII in blue, better will come) :

The tops (TMS based) NO EQ.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010, 10:12
Posted by Anders
Update (2014-01-27) :

Alot of DIY'ers are asking about this design so I wanted to clear this up.

This was a intended as a development release only, built to evaluate the potential benefits of using reflectors along the path.

The benefits was not found to be clear enough to justify a change in the original THAM15 design.

If you are about to build the THAM15 and wonder if the MKII development release is better my answer is simple, the benefits does not match the match the extra effort of the more complex build.

My recomendation is to build the original design instead.

Update (2010-12-09) :

A pair of MKII's are currently being built by a forum contact here in sweden (SlaitH), the build should be finished on the 12:th of December and a evalutaion/comparisson togheter with my originals is scheduled to take part in January.

The initial tests (subjective, not messured) are quite positive though, the drivers of choise in this case is the 15PS76 from B&C.

Below you see a quick sketch of the proposed designchanges for the THAM15 MKII Tapped Horn, feel free to evaluate.

There are much better documentation, proper 3D CAD (courtesy of SlaitH) wich was developed by him and his co worker during his efforts to build this proposal.

Hopefully this documentation will be available soon.

Please note that this (below) is a sketch that is not made to scale, the proportions are not correct.

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Livingroom audio upgrade 
Sunday, August 29, 2010, 15:43
Posted by Anders
An update of my living room audio system was long overdue, so I went shopping for some new power amplifiers and a new active filter.

The power amplifiers are LABgruppen IP450, they are made not more then an half hours drive south from my home at their plant in Kungsbacka, so high remarks for environmental thinking.

I also needed a new active 2-way crossover since the brand new Behringer filter decided to break and send out a damaging signal through the entire upstream system.

So I brought a filter from a brand that I know will do a great job for along time to come, but was also almost twice the price, a basic 2-way DBX 223XL.

The new amps does indeed sound lot better then my previous AudioPro M.7 but the M.7's are not bad for their price tag mind you, not at all, one has to consider the price difference and the step up in quality this brings.

The differences was not hard to spot, the low end is more detailed and seems "faster" as well, the midrange is fuller and clearer, the high end seems to stretch further up.

The system as a whole now feels bigger and more powerful, it's interesting how much difference there is, but I'm not sure which of the components contributes in which way, either way I'm happy with the result, more power and better sound in less space.
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The Kalmar trip 
Saturday, August 28, 2010, 17:05
Posted by Anders
The test of this partly new system would take place on the east coast of Sweden, in the city of Kalmar, the place where i was born and raised.

So we packed up the system and put it into Marias new old car, a -95 Volvo 850 turbo (nice choice considering the fuel economy:), but it is rather quick and there was no problem fitting it all in.

If anyone out there is curious about what the Swedish inland looks like, this is a good example, lots of small lakes and pine forests.

This particular place is called Strömbergshyttan, a nice rest stop roughly half way between Gothenburg and Kalmar.

Well we made it safe and sound (!), and the system was set up in the backyard of my fathers (our old) house, thankfully our neighbors are very patient and nice people.

The system needed some processor tweaking, mainly gain and xo points, and some ever so slightly applied delays, but that's what a processor is for.

The end result was very impressive, even if the system is very compact the voices are full and rich, the low end is very detailed and has a very nice impact.

The B&C DE250 driver on the ME45 horn crossed over at 3,8kHz added a nice, clean and crisp upper end, the B&C 10MD26 equipped mid horns made the system sound "in your face" and the dynamics and sound quality is just wonderful, voices, guitars and synth-pad sounds all sounded astonishing and as if coming from a much bigger system.

The 15TBX100 tapped horns crossed over at 250Hz added a nice punch impressive depth with a lot of impact and detail, i heard things I have never noticed before, and at the distance the picture was taken you could even feel it in you chest.

All in all, the system sounds much bigger then it is, and it has enough capacity for outdoor live events of moderate size, but most of all it was the sound quality that got my attention.

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New top speaker system 
Sunday, July 18, 2010, 18:40
Posted by Anders
Following my 15” Tapped horn build (aka. the andershorn as named by William Cowan) some time ago I thought it might be time to finally put together a top speaker system to match them.

My favorite professional speaker manufacturer Turbosound once upon a time took the world by storm with their TMS range, amongst these there was the TMS-2 fullrange top speakers, these where fully hornloaded and carried a 15”, 10” and one 1” driver.

These boxes and the technology they contain can still today (some 20 Years on) still hold their own against the current industry standard, and if equipped with modern drivers they might even come out on top, back them they specified 108dB/W/m halfspace with +-4dB in the 80-18kHz range, so you can imagine what might happen if they are loaded with modern drivers...

The heart of the TMS range was the 10” turbomid device, a 10” horn capable of spanning the range from 250-4kHz, covering the entire vocal range in one horn, giving a nice presence and extreme transient capabilities to the reproduced sound, simply put, a dream.

And as it happens, this particular device has now fond it's way into my new top speakers :)

It may be an old item, but so is physics, and that has not changed much in the past 20 years at this level.

Why build a box if there is no need for it ?

There is something to be said about DIY chaos, it usually looks rather funny :

the first frame is finished :

finally the first assembly tryout :

meanwhile in the batcave...

Slowly they take shape...

And while thee glue sets...

Right now only color, finishing touches and wiring remains :

That's it for now, the remaining touch up's and system tests will take place some 400km east of this location.

More pictures will follow, describing the final steps.

Br // martinsson

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