Opalescent - Simple beauty 
Thursday, January 31, 2008, 15:50
Posted by Administrator


Sometimes you hear a song which you really like run off to buy the album only to be disappointed at the rest of the tracks on the album. Luckily there are some exceptions and one of them are the album Opalescent by Jon Hopkins. Just got the album in the mail today and it is simply brilliant. Never having written a music review in my life I'm not about to try, however if you like textures, atmospheric, acoustic and somewhat minimalistic then this is a must. For other artist in the same category I would also recommend Edward Shearmur, Ulrich Schnauss, Brian Eno, BT etc.
Happy listening.
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bye 2007, hello 2008 
Monday, January 14, 2008, 12:07
Posted by Anders
For me 2008 will be the year of moderation, I will try to change my daily routines for the better, here is some examples :

This may not sound as something significant, but taking into acount that this has not happened for almost 3 years it sure is a change for me, and since i get up around 05:45 in the moring it can be a struggle to manage.

Again, not much to shout about for the avarage person, but for me who has not engaged in any form of exercise for say 5 years now this sure is painful change for the better.

YESTERDAY I WENT SWIMMING! I was exhausted, would you belive it - 500m !!! a true testament to my poor phyical condition, i'm just happy to be alive.

And that not all, starting thuesday (shit..thats tomorrow) I will have my first lesson in ju jutsu, it will be twice a week, hopefully.

I used to be quite the athlet as far as this is concerned but it's been some time, well let's be honest, more like half an iceage ago, hence it will be very much of a challange to stay concius for the entire 1,5 hours...

The third is getting more sleep, this should not be a problem if all else gets done :)
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Christmas and NewYear 
Sunday, January 13, 2008, 16:37
Posted by Administrator
This year we celebrated christmas in Kalmar, Sweden and new year home in Japan. Same procedure as every year! Great fun to meet old friends and eat too much Christmas food

Traditional Christmas on stensövägen 91 with a tree and Santa Nana giving gifts we were not supposed to have bought as usual.

Also managed a trip out on the sea with the icebreaker Paddan. It could have been a bit warmer but at least there were no snow. Funto visit Klubbholmen again and a great job was done on renovating the place.

Back in Japan in time for new years celebrations. Also it wouldn't be a new year without traditional Japanese NewYears above food called Osechi.

Finally the yearly trip to "our" temlpe Zojoji.

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första posten 
Friday, January 4, 2008, 11:33
Posted by Anders
Häftigt !

Man tackar för allt jobb du lagt ner på detta, snyggt!

Dina astrobilder var inte att leka med, både intressant och lite otäckt att kometens hastighet framkom på bilden, hästhuvudnebulosan var grym!

Kan berätta att allt snurrar på här hemma, tack för all musik du lagt in på ipoden, den har gått varm i garaget.

Har inga bekymmer att komma åt filerna från ubuntu även utan itunes som jag vill undvika så långt som möjligt, dels då jag tycker det är ett bökigt program men även då det kan införa begränsingar på filer, vet ej om det är tillgängligt för linux men jag tänker itne ta reda på det :)

Tydligen skall ett linux/ubuntu program som heter exaile göra jobbet helt strålande, har laddat hem detta och skall prova inom kort.

Annars rullar ubuntu på som tåget, inga häng eller strul och det nya ljudkortet låter kalas, mkt mer pondus och detaljer än det gammla (som iofs itne var dåligt alls), men M-Audio kortet har betydligt mer "släpp".

Alla påhängseffekter, compiz/emerald, funkar kalas och de används rätt mkt, skönt att ha en maskin som är lite mer up to date.

Jag skall snacka med maria om en websida här, vi har snackat om det tidigare men det har inte blivit av, nu vore ju ett bra tillfälle.

Fridens // Anders
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First entry on the Martinsson Blog 
Thursday, January 3, 2008, 17:05
Posted by Administrator
Welcome to the Martinsson family blog.

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