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Sunday, July 26, 2009, 12:31
Posted by Anders
After some two weeks of so and so weather we finaly got some time in the sun, an entire afternoon no less, so what could be a better use of this opportunity then to stage an outdoor listening session.

This is the first time i use the new subs as they where meant to be used, in a free "field" environment, and it was mediately apparent that this is the way they preform the best.

I used them between 25-200Hz, wich sounded very nice indeed, and when listening to them they did not seem to have any of the peaks and dips that the simulations showed (below).

The RTA messurements for the two subs at approx 4m distanace showed a response between 40 and 300Hz with no explicit variations but 40-150Hz is the recomended as usable range.

Dreadzone, Yello, Leftfield, Covenant and Pink Floyd amongst others made up the proving ground, and the new system passed with flying colors.

These new subs has brought the entire system to a new level, rich, effortless, powerful and hi-fi like sound stage on a grand scale, and even at lower levels like in this case they are still massive enough for one to feel it in the ground and chest area.
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