just investigating some claims... 
Thursday, February 14, 2019, 21:34
Posted by Anders
I just wanted to understand if I can see the similarity between a ROAR design, simplified description (2. below), and a claim made that it is similar to what is popularly referenced as a "bass cannon", the closest reference to this I could find is the Bose wave canon, see simplified description (3.) below.

I'm sorry to say I cant really see the similarities between them, but it should be said that I may have gotten something wrong here in the case of the bass canon reference, and I'm willing to change my mind if a sufficient explanation should arise.

For reference I also put in a traditional Tapped Pipe (1.) in order to try and explain how this forms one part of the ROAR design, I also attempted to describe the bose acoustimass cannon (4.), what I believe to be a Helmholtz coupled version of (3.)

Again, I may very well be wrong here, it's just a fun exercise, not a thesis, so no claims from my side as to the validity of this :)
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