hornloaded linsource thoughts 
Monday, July 30, 2018, 08:43
Posted by Anders
What would happen if you where to hornload a linesource? this is the question that's on everybody's mind these days right, or maybe it's just me.

On the surface this seems simple enough, but when considering the inherit dispersion pattern of a linesource (wide horizontal, narrow vertical) and the way the hornloading is implemented (in this case) it becomes a bit more interesting.

What type of hornloading would the middle four drivers see as they are free in the vertical, there are no walls to guide the sound, but since this is a linesource would the driver coupling still dictate this?

Adding to that, the hornloading is frequency dependent, meaning the the highest frequencies will be less influenced by the horn, but is this still true in the case of a linesource?

In short, will the hornloading be varying gradually but symmetrically along the vertical length of the line source?

I guess I'd better turn to the forums with this one, and I don't believe it is all that easily simulated, I hope to get some answers to this, as this would be a nice way to boost the FCAM123.
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