ROAR12 in the livingroom... 
Sunday, August 27, 2017, 18:54
Posted by Anders
Johannes came by and dropped of the ROAR12 for me to have a listen to, a really nice experience, it quickly became clear though that the ROAR 12 is not suited for indoor duty, at all, but again that was never the intended use.

Given a corner placement in this room 30z was not a problem to reach, with a very tactile character, even at very low levels you feel it everywhere, it's not a very neighbor friendly device at all.

Crossed over at 153Hz (24dB/Oct LR) it blended nicely with the FCAM's even though it took some crossover and gain tuning to get it to not dominate the reproduction, it is indeed very efficient.

Bare in mind that these are indoor low level usage impressions and the room contributes a lot, both good and bad.

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