The 8:th wonder of the world 
Thursday, May 8, 2008, 18:16
Posted by Anders
Now rightfully taking it's place amongst the wonders of the world, never mind those piles of stones in Egypt, they all pale in comparison with "the great trench of torslanda".

Amazing, so who did all this, a highly motivated population of a small country ?

No, only one man with a shovel, and as if that was not not enough he did it in only four days!

I tell you, if i ever see dirt again it will be to soon...

So what is to become of this?

Is there an execution squad lurking around the corner, no, and yes the neighbours are still alive so it's not that either (lovley people bye the way).

This is to become a hedge housing some 60 plants along it's 20 meters in length.

The total volume of this mega excavation amounts to some five cubic meters of clay and stone, in mass that would be around 3 tons which it in it's turn means that i dug up and moved approx 750kg a day.
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