Thursday, March 15, 2012, 21:02
Posted by Anders
It's roughly half the size of the THAM15 (35x50x55cm) but is still granting useful 50Hz response with a 100dB/W/m sensitivity flat on open ground, the driver chosen as default example is the Beyma12LX60V2.

Once again Johannes Rodin is to blame for yet another new THAM design seeing the light of day, his first words where "- it's tuned to low and the enclosure is to big" but eventually he came around to seeing it my way :)

If you csn not find your driver below and have questions like "will this driver work?" then please try yourself using the data provided above and simulate it using hornresp, if it works, please let me know, all the info you need to find out if your driver will work is already provided here.

The drawings will be updated, and the original Beyma 12LX60 will be added to the simulations, I have seen it and it looks just fine.

The designproocess :

Frontview :

Internal dimensions :

Braces and their postions :

Driver Baffle (note that the cutout is driver dependent) :

Assembly control dimensions :

Hornresp dimensions :

Default driver example Beyma 12LX60V2 :

hornresp simulation input data :

Flat on open ground 1W 1m Beyma 12LX60V2 :

Along a wall 1W 1m Beyma 12LX60V2 :

In a corner 1W 1m Beyma 12LX60V2 :

Max SPL Beyma 12LX60V2 :

Groupdelay Beyma 12LX60V2 :

System volume :

Phase :

Impedance :

Cone excusrion :

Please note that I do not judge the following simulations, this should be left to the potential DIY'er, but it goes without saying that some simulations shows better results then others.

Some designer notes - This design prefers high BL (about 20 or higher) and low QTS, but i guess thats a given to anyone visiting this page, right!* :)

*/ I try to make it a point that not only hell bent speaker nerds should be able to DIY a decent tapped horn.

Other driver examples all simulated in 1PI environment :

B&C 12PS100 :

B&C 12NDL76 :

B&C 12NW76 :

B&C 12BG100 :

Beyma 12P80Nd :

Faitalpro 12FH500 :

Faitalpro 12FH510 :

Fatialpro PR300 :

Faitalpro 12HP1020 :

RCF MB12N407 :

RCF LF12G301 :

RCF LF12N301 :

RCF LF12N401 :

18sound 12NLW9300

18sound 12W500 :

18sound 12W700 :

Beyma 12LX60 :

BMS 12N804 :

BMS 12N630 :

Eminence Kappalite 3012LF :

Eminence Definimax 40012HO :

JBL 2204H :

JBL 2206H :

JBL GTi1200 :

JBL 2020H :

Precision Devices PD 121 :

Precision Devices PD 122 :

Precision Devices PD12SB30 :

Precision Devices PDN12MH25 :

And finaly some build pictures that i got sent to me :

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