THAM15 measured and compared 
Monday, June 14, 2021, 19:49
Many Thanks to Markus in Germany for taking the time and effort to properly measure and compare the now 12 years old THAM15 design to a modern speaker, see details below.

Equipment used:

Software: ARTA, STEPS & LIMP
Soundcard: Creative X-Fi USB HD
Pre-Amp: IMG MPA-102
Microphone: Isemcon EMX-7150 (Class 1 FR; calibrated; Max. SPL 135 dB @ 1% THD)
SPL Calibrator: Isemcon SC-1 (Class 2, temperature- and battery-compensated; Accuracy +/- 0,5 dB)
Amp: Sinbosen FP10000Q V2; limited to 50 Vrms for the 15LB075, equaling 500 watts at the impedance minimum; limited to 94 Vrms for the 15LB100, equaling 1000 watts at the impedance minimum
ARTA Measurement Box

Measurements done in true outdoor environment (no relevant obstacles for hundreds of meters). Every measurement is repeated at least once, and data only accepted as valid if both or more curves match perfectly. SPL calibration is checked before / after each measurement.

The THAM15 is in this case loaded with a "the box 15LB100-8W" transducer from Thomann (119 €), which is considerably cheaper than the recommended B&C 15TBX100.

The comparison in 10% THD limited SPL was made against a DB Technologies S118R 18" subwoofer (~2500€) which not only has a larger transducer but also has a significantly larger exterior volume (220dm3) compared to THAM15 (187dm3), it was also designed ~10 years later, and it is a bassreflex design.

THAM15 15LB100-8W Sensitivity 2,83V GPM 1m:

THAM15 15LB100 vs DB Technologies S118R Max SPL @ 10% THD GPM 1m:

(NOTE: THAM15 is not limited by THD, 3% THD at cursor)

THAM15 Burst Decay (recomended XO @ ~120Hz 24dB/Oct):

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