poor mans surround adventures 
Wednesday, April 14, 2021, 19:54
Long time no post, between the ongoing pandemic and two energetic kids there has not been much time to post what has been going on.

To tell the truth not that much has been going on, but I would like to show one of the mini projects there has been time for, a poor mans surround system experiment.

It has its roots in the well known and very old, very basic Hafler circuit, where the rear surround channel consist of the difference between the two existing front channels, and the center is a simple stereo sum to mono.

It it based around a 1:1 15kOhm line transformer, commonly used in audio ground loop isolator filters, which is where i got mine, other than this you need speaker terminals and RCA chassis connectors as well as a couple of 10kOhm resistors.

In this case both of these circuits operate from a standard two channel amplifier speaker level outputs, and the leave you with either center or surround line channels, all with galvanic separation.

An attempt, yet to be verified (DO NOT USE) to combine these into a one box solution is on the table and I am also trying to figure out if there is a way to get channel separation for two rear surround outputs, but this remains to be seen it it can be realized (I'm a speaker nerd remember).

First the rear surround channel:

Then the center channel:

And lastly the untested, unconfirmed and "not recommended to try" alternative, do not use, I put it here just to show where I'm at.

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