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Friday, July 10, 2009, 16:12
So it was time to finalize the project started on one year ago, my new subs.

These fairly unremarkable little boxes are the result of the top 3 audiophile brainiacs in the tapped horn category in sweden today, and my self.

They each house one B&C 15TBX100-8 2kW 15" woofer loaded on a tapped horn device, they should be capable of producing some 130dB och output over the 40-250Hz range.

Considering their size 500x680x550 mm (BxHxD) this output and range capacity is certainly impressive.

They do indeed sound bigger then they are, by a mile or so.

Another nice feature of the tapped horn design is that the cone excursion is very modest in comparison to the output power, the sensitivity for one of these boxes if put on an open field with no support from nearby walls would still amount to some 100dB/W/m.

The above image shows a quick test we did to check how the soundpressure desipates over distance, at some 8m away you could easily feel the impact in the chest, at approx 20W of input power, that's pretty sensitive, and considering that each box can take up to approx 2kW each the output capacity of these subs are quite impressive.

Many thanks to Johannes and petter for helping me along.

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