here comes the nerds ! 
Friday, April 25, 2008, 20:50
So i went to meet my fellow audio enthusiasts at the yearly DIY exibition here in gothenburg and i just could not get things to work this time.

Alot of the guys offered to help me out in my attempts to sort out the poor acoustics, but dispite som 20+ we could not alter the laws of physics to a satisfying extent.

My amps and processor during setup.

So this was not my finest hour, still i had a field day getting to know the others and their achivements, and they really went to town in this respect this year, alot of professional grade equipment made at home was hauled on to the site for all to enjoy.

The collective knowledge at this event must be enormous, most of what you will see is made at home on a tight budget, wey impressive indeed.

For a more detailed look at the event see the link below :

(there several pages, see the lower left corner)

link to the event page

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