TPAM10HT (see also the TPAM10HTL) 
Monday, September 5, 2011, 21:13
Posted by Anders
Upon request i have now designed my first true sub intended for home theater use, or as a complement to stereo speakers typically reaching down to approx 50Hz.

If this design and application is something you are looking for I strongly recommend that you take a look at the TPAM10HTL, which was developed shortly after the TPAM10HT, it offer significant benefits apart from not reaching the 20Hz marker.

As usual I got a lot of help from my friend Johannes Rodin who also helped me out on the THAM series designs.

The TPAM10HT design principle, lovingly referred to as "tapped pipe" allows for relatively compact outer dimensions while still reaching it's goal of simulated in room 20Hz reproduction.

TPAM10HT contains a lot of compromises in order to reach it's performance with approx 80 liters of system volume, one of which is the driver depth (max 120mm), the other is the sound pressure level, even if i believe it should be sufficient for most users.

The TPAM10HT has been simulated in all positions and with two drivers i found to be of interest, but there might be more suitable drivers out there.

Please note that I can't answer questions regarding the suitability of these other drivers, no disrespect intended but I simply do not have the time, instead please use hornesp. and the data provided here to find your best candidate.

This is the TPAM10HT :

The cutout geometry shown in the drawings above is tailored for this driver :

Product Line: Peerless Gold
Model Number: XLS-P835028

Be aware of this if you choose to go for another driver.

TPAM10HT system volume and principle :

Simulation results for the Peerless XLS-P835028 at 1W & 1m :

XLS-P835028 When positioned in a corner:

XLS-P835028 When positioned along a wall:

XLS-P835028 When positioned freely on the floor:

XLS-P835028 Electrical impedance:

XLS-P835028 Cone excursion:

XLS-P835028 Group delay:

XLS-P835028 Impulse response:

I also found the B&C 10NW64 to be a candidate, below you will
find the simulation results for the B&C 10NW64 at 1W & 1m :

B&C 10NW64 When positioned in a corner:

B&C 10NW64 When positioned along a wall:

B&C 10NW64 When positioned freely on the floor:

B&C 10NW64 Electrical impedance:

B&C 10NW64 Cone excursion:

B&C 10NW64 Group delay:

B&C 10NW64 Impulse response:

These are my recommendations for now, they will both fit in the TPAM10HT but please note that the cut out geometry specified in the drawings are tailored for the Peerless XLS-P835028, so some adjustments might be necessary if you go for the B&C 10NW64.

If the driver of your choice (outside of those above) can't be fitted within the 120mm depth restriction the box may be widened, but doing this will void any of the results above and I would strongly recommend a simulation prior to build.

This design has not been built and tested in real world conditions yet, results will be posted when this has been done.

Finally some build pictures :

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THAM10 a very compact 10" TH 
Sunday, March 6, 2011, 22:42
Posted by Anders
finally, after having had some 25 different designs drawn up, simulated, debated and reviewed I now present my final proposal.

This is my suggestion for a very compact, lightweight and capable 10" loaded tapped horn which should provide well from 50Hz and up in real world conditions.

Many thanks to Johannes Rodin for providing good ideas and valuable insight, his help in my designs to date (THAM6, THAM15 and now THAM10) is a big part of the end result.

This is the THAM10 :

Part 1 of the drawings

Part 2 of the drawings

The hornresp input data

The cone excursion at 1W (and approx. 100dB output)

The SPL graph in 2PI (halfspace, flat on open ground) and 1W.

The following simulatons are made in a 1PI environment, I will not judge these simulations, that is best left to the potential DIY'er.

Loaded with the B&C 10MD26 and placed along a wall, 1W, 1m.

Loaded with the B&C 10PS26 and placed along a wall, 1W, 1m.

Loaded with the B&C 10HPL64 and placed along a wall, 1W, 1m.

Loaded with the B&C 10NDL64 and placed along a wall, 1W, 1m.

Loaded with the Beyma 10G40 and placed along a wall, 1W, 1m.

Loaded with the Beyma 10LW30N and placed along a wall, 1W, 1m.

Loaded with the RCF L10-750YK and placed along a wall, 1W, 1m.

My previous designs all provided approx. 10Hz lower low frequency drop off corner in reality then the simulations showed, and with that in mind I have no difficulties thinking this design should be capable of useful response from 50Hz.

They should be (must be) processed with a low frequency cut of filter set at minimum 40Hz, preferably 50Hz, and with a slope of 24dB/Oct for safe operation at higher levels, the upper cross over point may be set as the user feels appropriate at each given situation.

Designed with the B&C 10NW64 in mind, a lightweight neodynium woofer, these small boxes should be easy to handle, and easy to transport, the amount of power the THAM10 will safely handle is yet to be determined by real world use.

Intended for use as bass speakers in small live acts where sub bass is not required, and space is limited, they should be able to surprise in a positive way with regards to sound pressure level given their size and weight.

Questions regarding other suitable drivers will not be answered, try simulating them yourself in hornresp using the data provided above.


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THAM10 TRY4 - 30x45x45cm - very compact 10" tapped horn 
Saturday, February 5, 2011, 18:38
Posted by Anders
THAM10 TRY4 - 30x45x45cm - very compact in other words.


Useful response from 50Hz, I'll let the pictures explain the rest.

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Another THAM10 "update" proposal 
Sunday, January 30, 2011, 20:56
Posted by Anders
I was pondering how to perhaps improve upon the THAM TRY 3 proposal and i came up with this :


Adding a reflector in the front chamber to reduce possible turbulence, and adding a 12mm distance plate beneath the driver to secure that the cone newer comes in contact with a hard surface, this may also reduce compression risks.
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What if... THAM 410 - 4x10" TH 
Sunday, January 30, 2011, 20:41
Posted by Anders
It's merely a crazy thought, but what if you put four of the THAM10's in one enclosure ?

I belive it would look something like this :

The details remains to be sorted out, as is the simulation, but it seems to amount to a seriously capable design in a format that mimics the usual size of PA bass enclosures.

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