Sun and sound 
Monday, June 9, 2008, 12:27
Posted by Anders
Today it has been over a month since we last had rain, the water temperature is 23degC and i'm seriously sunburnt.

Leave it to us to plant a hedge in the worst drought ever experienced (by us) here in gothenburg, we are quite the professionals when it comes to watering plats by now.

When a situation like this presents itself one must be prepared to go from thought to action, and what could be nicer then an outdoor audio session in the sun ?

Being a nice guy i want to share my affection for music with those around me...

I'm not sure about how much joy this all brought to my neigbours, and perhaps even their neighbours maybe even their ne... well you get the point.

At least i did not hear (of) any complaints :)

Note the nice brownish color of what used to be the grass, at this point i would not be suprised to see some camels strolling along on the "lawn".

Temperatures reaching up to 28degC perhaps even higher at times makes for a nice day for this sort of activity.

As the night fell it was time go indoors, not so much because of the cold (there were none) but out of consideration of my dear (and indeed very patient) neighbours.

The setup now resides as an almost invisable lifestyle system in the livingroom, i will for sure score high remarks in the WAF* category with this one.

This location will make it very nice and easy to keep spreading the joy of music outside.

* Wife Acceptance Factor
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the 9:th wonder of the world ? 
Monday, May 12, 2008, 10:00
Posted by Anders
So we managed to dig a bit, and then fill it up again, imagine the fulfilling experience...

So there it is, replacing the removed blue clay and stone with high quality, eh, dirt, (never knew the term even existed) all to provide the new hedge with the best possible prerequisites for survival.

Yesterday it was completed, some minor after adjustments may be required as will a lot of water, here is the end result.

At a total cost of approx 1700sek (including the rental cost for the trailer) this was a bargain.

So now we wait, it will take approx 5 years until we reach the height we want, then perhaps an additional 5 years until we have a full grown result.

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The 8:th wonder of the world 
Thursday, May 8, 2008, 18:16
Posted by Anders
Now rightfully taking it's place amongst the wonders of the world, never mind those piles of stones in Egypt, they all pale in comparison with "the great trench of torslanda".

Amazing, so who did all this, a highly motivated population of a small country ?

No, only one man with a shovel, and as if that was not not enough he did it in only four days!

I tell you, if i ever see dirt again it will be to soon...

So what is to become of this?

Is there an execution squad lurking around the corner, no, and yes the neighbours are still alive so it's not that either (lovley people bye the way).

This is to become a hedge housing some 60 plants along it's 20 meters in length.

The total volume of this mega excavation amounts to some five cubic meters of clay and stone, in mass that would be around 3 tons which it in it's turn means that i dug up and moved approx 750kg a day.
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Sunday, May 4, 2008, 22:15
Posted by Anders
Having enjoyed the earlier 7.10 version (aka gutsy gibbon) of the Linux based operating system Ubuntu with no failures or glitches of any kind i was not sure if an upgrade to the new 8.04 (aka hardy heron) version was really necessary.

Anyway i went for it, partly because it comes with the "LTS" letters at the end which means "Long Time Support" but also due to the fact that it feels better to keep up with the times as it were.

The above screen shot is not the standard theme, but it is one of the standard themes (clearlooks) that is "built in", simply choose it in the appearance menu and add a background picture and there you have it.

When pushing the "alt tab" to switch between different windows the above screen appears and the windows smoothly rotate into view with the eventual movies still playing, a nice feature provided by the compiz 3D desktop.

Clean and neat, no fancy stuff, and it is noticeably faster then my slimmed down Windows XP pro installation (running dual boot).

Needless to say the Windows XP does not get much attention these days and it is only a matter of time before i make the switch permanently.

More info regarding Ubuntu can be found here
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here comes the nerds ! 
Friday, April 25, 2008, 20:50
Posted by Anders
So i went to meet my fellow audio enthusiasts at the yearly DIY exibition here in gothenburg and i just could not get things to work this time.

Alot of the guys offered to help me out in my attempts to sort out the poor acoustics, but dispite som 20+ we could not alter the laws of physics to a satisfying extent.

My amps and processor during setup.

So this was not my finest hour, still i had a field day getting to know the others and their achivements, and they really went to town in this respect this year, alot of professional grade equipment made at home was hauled on to the site for all to enjoy.

The collective knowledge at this event must be enormous, most of what you will see is made at home on a tight budget, wey impressive indeed.

For a more detailed look at the event see the link below :

(there several pages, see the lower left corner)

link to the event page
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