THAM10 - further thoughts 
Wednesday, January 26, 2011, 22:22
Posted by Anders
Further thoughts regarding the THAM10, almost there...



Loaded with the B&C 10NDL64 :

Loaded with the B&C 10NW64 :

Loaded with the B&C 10MD26 :

The hornresp input window

All simulations in 2PI, 1W, same box different drivers.

Let's see hoe far we can go with a 300x450x500mm box :)

next up is this, same outer dimensions, different folding :

With some dimensions :

In 2PI loaded with the B&C 10NW64 :

In 0,5PI same driver, rather impressive for it's size :

The input window data :

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THAM10 - first thoughts 
Wednesday, January 26, 2011, 06:54
Posted by Anders
Initial thoughts on the THAM10, not to be taken to seriously, the sims are in 0,5Pi and the tuning is a bit high, impressive response for it's dimensions though (30x45x45cm).

This is a work in progress, and this is just to show you that I'm still active, and perhaps also what I'm thinking of.


The driver chosen in this case is th B&C 10PS26, again please note that this is not anything more then a thought and the room for improvement is yet to be explored.

There are better drivers out there, and the sims should be in 2PI, nothing else is valid, so take this with a pinch of salt.
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Showdown in Stenungsund (THAM 15 & MKII proposal) 
Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 07:35
Posted by Anders
WORK IN PROGRESS ! (updated 20110125)

The subject of the day :

courtesy of SlaitH (Patrik) - build and photo

Prepping :

Racking :

Patriks top speakers :

Patriks THAM15MKII :

The electronics :

The hallway warehouse :

Analyzing THAM15 :

Analyzing THAM15MKII

Viewing the results :

Crowded sweetspot :

The guest rig :

The place :

The THAM family :

The graphs (The MKII in blue, better will come) :

The tops (TMS based) NO EQ.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010, 10:12
Posted by Anders
Update (2014-01-27) :

Alot of DIY'ers are asking about this design so I wanted to clear this up.

This was a intended as a development release only, built to evaluate the potential benefits of using reflectors along the path.

The benefits was not found to be clear enough to justify a change in the original THAM15 design.

If you are about to build the THAM15 and wonder if the MKII development release is better my answer is simple, the benefits does not match the match the extra effort of the more complex build.

My recomendation is to build the original design instead.

Update (2010-12-09) :

A pair of MKII's are currently being built by a forum contact here in sweden (SlaitH), the build should be finished on the 12:th of December and a evalutaion/comparisson togheter with my originals is scheduled to take part in January.

The initial tests (subjective, not messured) are quite positive though, the drivers of choise in this case is the 15PS76 from B&C.

Below you see a quick sketch of the proposed designchanges for the THAM15 MKII Tapped Horn, feel free to evaluate.

There are much better documentation, proper 3D CAD (courtesy of SlaitH) wich was developed by him and his co worker during his efforts to build this proposal.

Hopefully this documentation will be available soon.

Please note that this (below) is a sketch that is not made to scale, the proportions are not correct.

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Livingroom audio upgrade 
Sunday, August 29, 2010, 15:43
Posted by Anders
An update of my living room audio system was long overdue, so I went shopping for some new power amplifiers and a new active filter.

The power amplifiers are LABgruppen IP450, they are made not more then an half hours drive south from my home at their plant in Kungsbacka, so high remarks for environmental thinking.

I also needed a new active 2-way crossover since the brand new Behringer filter decided to break and send out a damaging signal through the entire upstream system.

So I brought a filter from a brand that I know will do a great job for along time to come, but was also almost twice the price, a basic 2-way DBX 223XL.

The new amps does indeed sound lot better then my previous AudioPro M.7 but the M.7's are not bad for their price tag mind you, not at all, one has to consider the price difference and the step up in quality this brings.

The differences was not hard to spot, the low end is more detailed and seems "faster" as well, the midrange is fuller and clearer, the high end seems to stretch further up.

The system as a whole now feels bigger and more powerful, it's interesting how much difference there is, but I'm not sure which of the components contributes in which way, either way I'm happy with the result, more power and better sound in less space.
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