busy times 
Sunday, December 1, 2019, 18:39
Posted by Anders
I write this from our new home in Kungsbacka (which also happen to be the hometown of lab.gruppen) with the latest addition to the family, my now 5 days old son, i a crib beside me, so it has been busy times but of course there is already a work in progress listening room, it's all about priorities...

Now that there are no wall to wall neighbors to worry about I can stretch the legs a bit and listen at "proper" levels, the kids do not seem to mind, so now I'm looking at getting some new amplifiers, not for SPL reasons as much as sheer curiosity.

Four Lab.Gruppen LAB1600 in good condition would be nice, currently looking around for these, two bridged driving the ROAR15's, one for mid and one for high (some future project teasing), but there are other amplifier candidates as well.

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