Friday, July 20, 2012, 17:17
Posted by Anders

After much iterating and many hours swapping data between hornresp and cad screens a THAM18 proposal is here, as per previous designs the THAM18 uses the now rather familiar THAM folding but in a another form, hence the name.

The design of the THAM18 posed challenges not previously encountered, preferring small yet capable designs I would have liked to see a more compact THAM18, but the laws of physics dictated differently, also taking into account that the relative cone stiffness is somewhat decreased when using lager drivers.

The goals set for the THAM18 was that it should provide something the previous THAM designs could not offer, but as always there are no free lunches, the price in this case is size.

Any revisions or alterations that may come along for this documentation (drawings) will most likely not change very much from what is presented here as far as the new concept folding goes, there might also be some detail drawings turning up within short, brace positions in side view and driver baffle are some examples of this.

Since the THAM18 is a new creation in progress there are still some areas of uncertainty, the front coupling between driver and horn, and the rather long rear horn segment along the height of the enclosure,
only a build will answer if these areas pose any real issues, my current thinking that they don't, but i feel it only fair to let you know.

The default driver of chosen for the THAM18 proposal is the FaitalPro 18HP1060, as usual questions regarding other drivers will not be answered, no offence intended but I would be doing little else if that was the case, instead i refer you to the hornresp software, all the data you need is already provided.

This is the THAM18 development proposals it stands right now (not the final release) :

Simulation input :

Simulation result :

Being a work in progress what you see here might not reflect the final result, but it should be pretty close.
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