Thursday, September 23, 2010, 10:12
Posted by Anders
Update (2014-01-27) :

Alot of DIY'ers are asking about this design so I wanted to clear this up.

This was a intended as a development release only, built to evaluate the potential benefits of using reflectors along the path.

The benefits was not found to be clear enough to justify a change in the original THAM15 design.

If you are about to build the THAM15 and wonder if the MKII development release is better my answer is simple, the benefits does not match the match the extra effort of the more complex build.

My recomendation is to build the original design instead.

Update (2010-12-09) :

A pair of MKII's are currently being built by a forum contact here in sweden (SlaitH), the build should be finished on the 12:th of December and a evalutaion/comparisson togheter with my originals is scheduled to take part in January.

The initial tests (subjective, not messured) are quite positive though, the drivers of choise in this case is the 15PS76 from B&C.

Below you see a quick sketch of the proposed designchanges for the THAM15 MKII Tapped Horn, feel free to evaluate.

There are much better documentation, proper 3D CAD (courtesy of SlaitH) wich was developed by him and his co worker during his efforts to build this proposal.

Hopefully this documentation will be available soon.

Please note that this (below) is a sketch that is not made to scale, the proportions are not correct.

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