Locally sourced power 
Monday, December 9, 2019, 20:01
Posted by Anders
I figured I needed to try out the labgruppen LAB1600 since I have read positive comments about their sonic performance in various forums, both international and domestic, hopefully I can get my hands on two more since they should also be a good match for the ROAR15's if running them bridged amounting to ~1,6kW/driver (FTC 8 Ohm).

LAB1600 on the far left.

Initial low level listening confirms this, as a top amp (>150Hz) it sounds very good indeed, clean, detailed and controlled, and as sub amp it keeps this signature and tightened thing up significantly, more definition and punch to put it bluntly.

In my search for the LAB1660's I had the good fortune of running into another very interesting model from from labgruppen, the LAB1500, this is a rather rare model, I have yet to find any documentation online for it and have requested it from labgruppen.

The LAB1500 is a proper old school beast where 2/3 of the amp is made up of it's power supply with one of the biggest transformers I have seen to date in an amplifier, everything is arranged very neat and tidy, looks hand built, I which I could listen to it but it trips my 10A breakers when I so much as look at it (a fix for this is on the way, i hope) :)
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