New top speaker system 
Sunday, July 18, 2010, 18:40
Posted by Anders
Following my 15 Tapped horn build (aka. the andershorn as named by William Cowan) some time ago I thought it might be time to finally put together a top speaker system to match them.

My favorite professional speaker manufacturer Turbosound once upon a time took the world by storm with their TMS range, amongst these there was the TMS-2 fullrange top speakers, these where fully hornloaded and carried a 15, 10 and one 1 driver.

These boxes and the technology they contain can still today (some 20 Years on) still hold their own against the current industry standard, and if equipped with modern drivers they might even come out on top, back them they specified 108dB/W/m halfspace with +-4dB in the 80-18kHz range, so you can imagine what might happen if they are loaded with modern drivers...

The heart of the TMS range was the 10 turbomid device, a 10 horn capable of spanning the range from 250-4kHz, covering the entire vocal range in one horn, giving a nice presence and extreme transient capabilities to the reproduced sound, simply put, a dream.

And as it happens, this particular device has now fond it's way into my new top speakers :)

It may be an old item, but so is physics, and that has not changed much in the past 20 years at this level.

Why build a box if there is no need for it ?

There is something to be said about DIY chaos, it usually looks rather funny :

the first frame is finished :

finally the first assembly tryout :

meanwhile in the batcave...

Slowly they take shape...

And while thee glue sets...

Right now only color, finishing touches and wiring remains :

That's it for now, the remaining touch up's and system tests will take place some 400km east of this location.

More pictures will follow, describing the final steps.

Br // martinsson

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