Fostex FX120 DIY proposal 
Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 14:30
Posted by Anders
Following my small tapped horn sub build it is now time for a set of small (again) satellite speakers to complement them, making it a nice compact DIY sub/sat system with a visually pleasing properties as well as high sonic performance.

Intended for use in the above 150Hz range (approx.) these speakers will not be intrusive, and looking at the sensitivity one sub per pair of satellite speakers should be a good match.

(click images for larger view)

driver details - ... ries.shtml

My Fostex FX120 fullrange drivers (se link above) intended for this build has been staring at me for quite a while now, so I thought it may be time to give them a home, at least design-wise.

For this purpose I brushed off an old favorite design of mine, a thin wallmounted speaker design with nice stainless steel details, not entirely uninspired by Bang&Olufsen.

At no more then 64mm deep and containing only 3.6 dm3 (liters) of internal volume it may not seem as good idea for speaker, but instead of regarding the room in which they operate as a acoustical necessary evil it makes use of it to increase it's low range output, a sort of half-space horn loading one might say, and as an added bonus it also does free up floorspace.

The images below makes up the drawings for these speakers, bare in mind that it has not undergone serious simulations yet, this is so far only a "gut feeling" design proposal.


Sideview (including sections):

Topview (including section):

Connector details (view from below):

Font cover:

Stainless parts:

And finally some basic renderings courtesy of desault systems :

That's all for now, more will follow.
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