Thursday, March 2, 2017, 17:30
This is the ROAR12, it is a 12" TPQWR design proposal based on 18mm Plywood.

The ROAR12 has been built, and measured loaded with a B&C 12PS100, you can find pictures from the build below courtesy of Johannes Rodin, measurements will be posted as soon as the driver has softened up to give a more fair result.

Further tests and measurements needs to be conducted before we can make more definitive comments on the ROAR12 performance, but so far it shows a lot of promise and it sounds really nice, and much :)

HR input data from 3D:

B&C 12TBX100 HR input:

B&C 12TBX100 HR spl response:

B&C 12TBX100 HR MAX spl response:

B&C 12TBX100 HR displacement:

B&C 12TBX100 HR phase:

B&C 12TBX100 HR Groupdelay:


Parts overview:

Other driver examples:

18sound 12LW1400

FaitalPro 12HP1020

FaitalPro 12HP1060

ROAR12 build pictures (courtesy of Johannes Rodin) :

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