new place - new refinements of madness 
Monday, February 16, 2015, 19:31
My total disrespect for proven solutions and conventional thinking has reached new heights, seeing as my 2" full range drivers on JBL 2386 horns "solution" did not quite satisfy my need to provoke.

So what can you do with some way to small left over pieces of wood and a pair of decent size low frequency drivers? and how can it improve upon an already pretty far out top system?

Well... let's think outside the box, way outside the box, in fact, lets forget about boxes all together, this new set up is completely box-less and is built from just enough wood to complete a cup holder or two, that effectively eliminates the open baffle option that I know you where thinking of.

With some slight EQ the 24" drivers preform well down to and slightly below 30Hz, and can be crossed high enough to provide a seamless integration with the 2" fullrangers in the JBL horns at around 300Hz.

These drivers can almost to be regarded as a two-in-one solution, both driver and an open baffle design all in one, only in this case the baffle support is called cone :)

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