Simulation comparisons of the THAM family models. 
Saturday, March 31, 2012, 12:48
Thought I'd better sum the sims up, below you'll find comparisons between simulations of the all the current THAM models including external volumes.

The THAM15 (187 l) and THAM12 (96.25 l) :

The THAM10 (60.75 l) and THAM12 (96.25 l) :

And just for fun, why not compare David and Goliath :)
The THAM6 (42.18 l) and THAM15 (187 l) :

If I could figure out how to overlay the THAM10, 12 and 15 graphs you would see that these is a method to the madness, each models differs by approx 10Hz in response depth.

And finaly a comparison in size to a fairly standard 218 subwoofer, choosen for it's comparable sensitivity and familliar size :

Here are the different THAM series direct links

Professional application designs :





Home application designs



Simply choose, print, build and be amazed :)

oh, and yes, there is something else in the works, as always, the TPAM10HTL, meant as an as a alternative to the TPAM10HT where the "L" stands for "light" as it uses a 30Hz tuning for home cinema use instead of the 20Hz used in the TPAM10HT.

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