Livingroom audio upgrade 
Sunday, August 29, 2010, 15:43
An update of my living room audio system was long overdue, so I went shopping for some new power amplifiers and a new active filter.

The power amplifiers are LABgruppen IP450, they are made not more then an half hours drive south from my home at their plant in Kungsbacka, so high remarks for environmental thinking.

I also needed a new active 2-way crossover since the brand new Behringer filter decided to break and send out a damaging signal through the entire upstream system.

So I brought a filter from a brand that I know will do a great job for along time to come, but was also almost twice the price, a basic 2-way DBX 223XL.

The new amps does indeed sound lot better then my previous AudioPro M.7 but the M.7's are not bad for their price tag mind you, not at all, one has to consider the price difference and the step up in quality this brings.

The differences was not hard to spot, the low end is more detailed and seems "faster" as well, the midrange is fuller and clearer, the high end seems to stretch further up.

The system as a whole now feels bigger and more powerful, it's interesting how much difference there is, but I'm not sure which of the components contributes in which way, either way I'm happy with the result, more power and better sound in less space.

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