Midsummer fun 
Monday, June 23, 2008, 15:30
The weather report said that the greatest chance to get some sunshine was to head east, so we did, to Kalmar and our childhood island stora hatten, or simply "klubbholmen".

Dinner at 13:00 together with all the others, very nice, we only got one shower during the event, it keeps inline with the traditions as i see it

As usually is the case with the ling part of the family they could not show up empty handed, pictured here is an amazingly cheap RC boat, it costs about 300sek and was purchased just for this event.

Krille managed to land it upside down with ease, an amazing feat using only a couple stones just beneath the surface, as you can see he does not seem to mind at all, that's the spirit :)

No harm done just empty it out a pint of water or two and go again, at the end of the day this boat suffered damage beyond repair, all in the spirit of good fun :)

After short break it was time for the quite "graceful race" using only the wind, and so the competition lined up...

My contribution to the fleet, just like the others this is a thunder tiger model named Victoria, this is now an international racing class.

Krille is chasing me on a nice downward leg, he never caught me even though he easily could have, thanks :)

The entire fleet sailing into the distance, Henke just joined in as the picture was taken.

There was no winner since it was no race, we are all far to fun loving to ad hear to rules and regulations.

All in all a great day, plenty of sunshine and light winds one of my best midsummer celebrations ever, no competition!

Many thanks to Maria for taking some great pictures.

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