Boards of Canada - the campfire headphase 
Saturday, March 29, 2008, 22:11
I just wanted to let you know of a recent "best buy" in music on my part (rare thing nowdays mind you).

Today I wisited a wellstocked musicstore here in Gothenburg, and i just so happened to come across a familiar, well, band (in lack of better terms) - Boards of Canada.

The album "the campfire headphase" is a... rather odd compiation of twisted disonant sound, words fail me in my futile atempts to describe this style of music, perhaps "ambient" would perhaps be the closest for those of you who are familiar with term.

Anyway, regardless of terminology, this music instantly brings back all the good times, memories, you name it, itīs such a hard thing to acuratly describe, and it is very much a state of mind requirement (not to mention higly subjective) if one is to absorb it fully, as with most if not all types of music.

My higest praise and recomendations is hereby served for this very uniqe type of music, i can not say that it resembles anything else i have ever heard, and that is rather rare this day in "eurovision song contest - mass produced cash is king way of making music" - age.

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